Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sparks Fly

Sure, sparks are flying now. But for a while there...

The winter came and snow fell--along with plenty of what Tristan calls "sky water"--and nothing was done on Molly. I lost momentum. Things happened. The dog ate my homework. I even reached the place where I thought why not just spend five thousand and buy a MH ready to go?

So I set off to do just that.

I strapped in the boys and off we drove to Cottage Grove to look at a....piece of crap. And he wanted almost five thousand for it. I drove away disappointed. But being one nonadverse to adversity, on the drive back began thinking about that damned galley (faux kitchen) in Molly.


If only I could get rid of the galley, there would be so much more room. And who needs a refrigerator anyway? They break down and are expensive to begin with. Hmmm. With those items out of the way--what about no stove/oven? We're camping, aren't we? Recently, I bought an induction stovetop and it works beautifully. And what if...

All that what-ifing lead to this:

As you can clearly see, with the old kitchen out of the way, a bottleneck was removed from the creative process. Now we could have this:

And this:
Molly would (will) become a pocket cruiser. Never stop thinking she's a boat. What's first? I think installing solar power, now that the ceiling panels are down and running wire is easy. Then some serious woodworking for a bit. A cork floor. New headliner. Some privacy curtains. And we're tackle the outside.