Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Summer Summation

I managed to do a little rattlecan on Molly last week. The front needed to be renewed. Of course, it makes the bumper looks worse. I'm looking for chrome rings for the amber lights.

Another view, and a reminder to fix the "hood."

The Dometic reefer cover is returned, attached with No. 8 inch-and-a-half SS screws into a new cedar frame. Looks likes she's wearing white dancing shoes.

The door frame came off in three pieces. This is me JB Welding them back together. After that, I stripped the paint and used steel wool to buff it out.

Walking home, I had the camera and, well, couldn't resist. If you look you'll see a new window between the first and second from the front. More about that later.

I've found new LED clearance lights and will have them on as soon as they arrive. I was also able to track down a water heater door (and possibly the WH itself). Thanks to Trish for that. I also spoke with Kevin, who sold me the AC: he has a crank-up antenna he's willing to part with for cheap. And I may have found some affordable PV panels. Can't afford solar now, but in the not too distant future...

I haven't been able to work much recently, and we're leaving next Thursday for four days with the inlaws. When we come back it will be September, and time to bear down on getting Molly rainproof.

That's all for now. May this find you well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Winter is icummin in...

So you see we're running out of time. Winter is around the corner, it's time to lay in firewood. The rains are coming and Molly needs to be buttoned up. To this end, I've shifted focus from the interior to the exterior. New stack vent cap; repaired reefer vent (even though there will be no refrigerator); new ceiling vent; new AC; the door is off and the rotted jamb are some pictures:

Starting from the stern, Molly's facelift includes (besides rinse and perm): all screws replaced by SS; new tail plate light, and the spare gets primer.

At the other end, 23 feet away, the same thing: all new SS (I really dig stainless); the grille will be cleaned and the black repainted. The front plate had to be ground off. (Yes, that's the door and screen safely out of the way of wood chopping.)

Here you can see the new jamb (really, just a backboard. The other was rotted.) and the rust preventive. And the firewood. I can already feel a chill in the air.

Looking inside the door, you will one day encounter a hanging closet. Formerly the galley, the slot in the wall was for the stove fan. I'm going to straighten out the edges and make it a bit longer, then turn it into a window. Natural illumination for the closet. The bulkhead to the left will be sheathed with mahogany. (The glue is from the old plastic mirror that begged me to destroy it.)

I had no idea what it was but I was in a frenzy of replacing things, so I went out and found one that matched the original orange FRAM. The guy at CarQuest had no idea what it was for. He looked it up: air brake filter. Change every 5,000 miles. Done.

The forward side vents were trashed. Maybe I could find some one day, but would they match my color? (Ha!) Maybe I could have a pair fabricated, but could I afford to? (No!) So I thought about all the trucks I've seen that has a little window near the floor. I rushed out and bought some stick of aluminum L bracket, ripped it down to match the plexi's thickness, grabbed a hacksaw and some SS screws and made this:

Another view (ain't the white wheels pimp?):

Looking forward: this will be segregated sort of from the rest of the coach, thus permitting some privacy for the sleepers (2). There is a hatch in the center of the platform. The table will store beneath and mount in this area. Two benches will face one another and provide a "stateroom" feel:

View two:

As long as I'm standing inside the door, here's a wad of J B Weld (great stuff):

Lest I forget the new fuel pump (at least it's easy to access):

The rear "stateroom." The Master's cabin. And the Mistress. Let's not forget the Mistress.
Storage underneath:

Left will be the pantry/food prep area. Below is a shot of the three hatches allowing access to storage as well as the wiring harness, converter, water pump/heater, etc.

Structurally, Molly seems fine. When I'm finished in a couple weeks (?) there will be no leaks. Then I can get back to the inside. Since I can't afford solar panels right now, I'll pre-wire and wait. I have a vented area set aside for 4 batteries.

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Molly at 109 (F)

When it's this hot, work has to be done (if at all) first thing in the morning. Last week Judy, our friend and babysitter (nanny?) was here three days and enabled me to make some real progress.

Even though it doesn't look like it.

Here is the front "cabin" for sitting, hanging out, and sleeping the boys:

The platform also will provide more storage (as will one of the seats).

Next, the deluxe suite for jenna and me (and, of course, more and more storage):

A shot of what will become the galley (don't ask):

A few other details follow.

Removing boots from pedals and steering column (in the background is the new vent frame).

Water lines beginning to be replaced (must sanitize the tank):

The windows made operable!

Frame for sidewall vent:

I also sandblasted and painted the wheels:

Molly lurks in our back yard, waiting for more (note the new AC on her roof!):

I've purchased most of the interior and it waits patiently for me in the shop. The walls will be mahogany, the ceiling birch, the floors a mix of cork and rubber. Can't wait to get there...